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When NOT to worry about SEO

When writing copy for your website, you’d ideally like search engines such as Google to be able to understand your content as well. If Google like what they see, they’ll rank your website higher up; and with higher rankings should come more…

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The Glass Mountains Weather Report

And now for something completely different… On Wednesday October the 26th, we’ll be running the first in a series of quarterly events where we’ll update you as to what’s new and interesting in the world of web tech and digital….

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Apple Pay hits the Web

Like any self respecting creative company owner, I tend to use a lot of Apple kit including my trusty Macbook Pro and an iPhone 6. So, when Apple recently released IOS 10 (the latest update to the operating system which…

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Digital September

Now that August is sadly receding into the rear view mirror of history (apologies, feeling poetic today), many of us will be thinking of business, and considering what we can do next to make improvements and to achieve better results. One ripe area you…

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Do Google *hate* pop-ups?

With Google’s recent announcement that, come Jan 2017, they are going to crack down on annoying interstitials (pop-ups to you and me), especially when on mobile. Now I can pretty much be sure that we’ve all been annoyed by a pop-up…

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You don’t *just* need a web designer

I had a phone call the other month from someone who said they were having problems with their site. They had fallen out with their previous supplier and were shopping around for a new ‘web designer‘. Well, aside from the fact that falling…

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When PDFs should be used on a Website

A PDF is a Portable Document Format. They tend to get produced when, for example, you have a brochure created; a commercial printer will need a high res file to print out, that file is typically a PDF. Many businesses are awash…

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